My mission is to build, scale, and fund entrepreneurs, talents, and creator brands to empower future generations.

Alvaro Gellings


Hi, I’m Alvaro Gellings, a serial entrepreneur passionate about building and scaling companies and brands.

Born and raised in Spain, I moved to Germany at a young age and went on to study business administration at the University of Hamburg. Over the years, I’ve founded and exited several successful ventures, including gaming companies, social media networks, fashion brands, and a nutrition and supplements company.

As an active entrepreneur and investor, I remain focused on scaling up my current business ventures and investing in promising startups. I’m passionate about helping aspiring entrepreneurs and talented individuals build and scale their own businesses while fostering growth and innovation in the world of creator brands. My experience in the rise of the creator economy has given me a unique insight into how it’s disrupting traditional industries.

I remain committed to positively impacting the world and look forward to working with others who share my passion. By empowering the next generation of leaders, we can create a brighter future for the economy.

If you’re interested in connecting with me, booking me as a speaker, or exploring how I can help you, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

*I offer NGOs & Social Enterprises free marketing consultation and introduction to my network of high-reach and influential individuals.
Among Germany's leading fashion brands
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Ama Studios CEO & Co-founder
Ama Studios is a premium streetwear fashion brand founded by a collaboration of top German influencers Trymacs, Amar, and entrepreneur Alvaro Gellings. Thanks to the reach and promotion by the biggest influencers in Europe, the brand quickly gained popularity and achieved remarkable success, with 7-figure revenues on its launch day. As time has passed, Ama Studios has incorporated and shifted towards high fashion elements while maintaining a commitment to quality and craftsmanship.
Gen Z Lifestyle Nutrition Brand
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seinvater® CEO & Co-founder
seinvater® is the flagship product of Volle Ladung GmbH, a leading producer of Lifestyle Nutrition products catering to Gen Z. With a highly successful influencer campaign and robust performance marketing strategy, Volle Ladung GmbH has firmly established itself as a dominant player in the German market. Recently, the company closed a funding round at a valuation of 6 million dollars, allowing it to expand its product range and set its sights on the American market.
Tech-enabled influencer franchise
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Loco Chicken Investor & Advisor
With over 100 restaurants opened on the very first day, LOCO CHICKEN has established itself as Europe's most successful restaurant debut, a testament to the vision of Luciano, Germany's renowned rapper. This venture has mirrored the roll-out strategy of Happy Slice, achieving widespread recognition. Operated under the LANCH platform, a system that facilitates influencers in creating virtual food brands, LOCO CHICKEN's launch was both swift and expansive. LANCH´s valuation has rapidly escalated to over 55 million euros, indicating a robust market reception and a promising future in the competitive food sector. With a substantial launch and solid foundation, LOCO CHICKEN is poised for ongoing growth and influence within the culinary world.
Tech-enabled influencer franchise
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Happy Slice Investor & Advisor
Happy Slice, which was the biggest restaurant launch in Europe with 70 restaurants overnight by renowned streamers Knossi and Trymacs, is revolutionizing the food delivery business, a record now surpassed by the launch of Loco Chicken with over 100 restaurants on its first day. By the end of the year, Happy Slice will have an additional 150+ locations. Happy Slice is a product from LANCH, a cutting-edge operating system offering influencers a seamless way to launch virtual ready-to-eat food brands. Backed by a recent funding round of 8 million dollars and an impressive cap table featuring some of the most promising players in the German Venture Capital market, the company is poised for growth.
Elite brand in the electronic music industry
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Customized C. Co-founder
Customized Culture is a leading fashion brand in the international electronic music scene. The world's most famous DJs are wearing the unique designs, including Rufus Du Sol, Zedd, Amelie Lens, Ihatemodels, John Summit, Victor Ruiz, and Anfisa Letyago at some of the most prestigious events in the world, such as Tomorrowland, Ultra Miami, EDC Las Vegas Beyond Wonderland, and more.
Non-profit event empowering talents
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ChefTreff Co-founder
Cheftreff is a non-profit event founded in 2017 by students to empower the next generation of leaders and talents. The event brings together successful leaders from various industries to share their personal journeys and valuable insights. Through workshops, seminars, and podcasts, attendees have the opportunity to learn from the best and prepare themselves for success. Cheftreff has quickly become the largest non-profit event of its kind, attracting partners such as PwC, McKinsey, Google, Unilever, and many more leading companies.
Revolutionary solar energy solutions
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Paua Investor
Paua is a company on a mission to provide affordable and reliable solar technology allowing everyone to take control of their energy consumption and contribute to global climate goals. The company's vision is to empower individuals by giving them the tools to reduce costs and participate in global climate goals, making a real difference in the fight against climate change. Their innovative plug-and-play solar sets are designed for B2C and B2B customers, offering an affordable solution to saving energy costs. With valuable partnerships already secured with big players in the energy industry, Paua recently closed a successful funding round at an 8 million dollar valuation.
Other exciting projects and ventures
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More ventures Founder & Investor
In addition to the brands listed above, there are several other exciting projects and ventures that I've been involved in throughout my entrepreneurial journey.

Some of the brands I've previously built and exited, including the most successful app launch in Germany on the App Store and other investments, are not listed here.

While they have played a significant role in my entrepreneurial experience, the portfolio section focuses on the current and ongoing ventures that I'm actively engaged with.


Keynote, Fireside chat and Q&A

I offer engaging and thought-provoking presentations that challenge the status quo. With my extensive experience, I have developed unique insights into the ever-changing world of business. I am open to sharing my unfiltered perspective on how the creator economy disrupts industries and how established companies must adapt. Through my unique insights, I deliver presentations that inspire and motivate audiences to take action.

Contact me

Let’s connect!

Whether you’re looking to book me as a speaker, tap into my expertise in entrepreneurship, scaling businesses, and navigating the creator economy, or explore how I can help you, I’m here to help.

    Hi, I‘m Alvaro Gellings, and together with Germany’s largest Influencers, we are building a school in Guatemala.

    If you want to join our venture to ensure that all students have access to a safe and healthy place to learn, get in touch with me.

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